About Us

We as Black Fathers, Brothers and Future Fathers, have formed a Black Fathers Support Group (B.F.S.G), where our primary role and purpose, is based on and around Afrikan/Caribbean Parental Guidance.

 The idea and concept is to build a solid based foundation, to assist, advice and give the necessary support to fathers just like ourselves, to help rebuild and maintain the family structure, which allow fathers to have a better understanding of themselves, with the correct awareness, of knowing the importance of a role, father’s plays in the family structure, whether you are with the child’s mother or not.

Our aims and objectives, is that at least once a week, we meet up as a group collective and discuss our problems, agendas, issues and all relevant concerns based around parental guidance, this will help to build self-esteem and self-confidence with members in the group, giving us as a group collective, the ability and capability to work out problems to solutions and solutions to problems.

By continually improving and developing our ideas into creating a concept, based around parental guidance, showing that fathers when together as a group collective, can take a positive active role in the community.

We encourage all members to contribute and express themselves, were the atmosphere is friendly and free spirited, we communicate as a group collective, enabling all members in the group to enhance their thinking ability, were by we can set examples by leading by example and vice versa.


As group members we recognize that everything in life from the beginning is a learning process, we have found, in having open group discussions, is positively good therapy for healing and exercising the mind, which when evaluated shows that has a group, we worked well together as a team with a common goal and interest, despite the many different personalities and perceptions.